A Growing Company Wanting to Make a Difference

The idea of Hello Handyman was conceived in 2007 after hearing numerous expatriate friends and single career woman friends share their horrific experiences with unscrupulous, unpunctual and dishonest handymen. Being homeowners ourselves, we understand the public's frustrations in finding a reliable and respectable handyman who does quality work and yet is on time, every time. It is with this recognition of the market's needs coupled with our unyielding passion and vision to make home fix-its as painless and hassle-free as possible, that Hello Handyman Services Sdn Bhd was finally established.

Although HelloHandyman started from humble beginnings, our professionalism and punctuality has garnered us with many favorable reviews. Good word of mouth from existing customers alone have earned us many new clients. We can now boast of an increasingly long list of satisfied and happy households throughout the Klang Valley, lest we not forget, our growing list of contented friends too!


What is the Hello Handyman Difference?

There are four areas in which Hello Handyman pays specific attention to which ensures that you always feel good about your choice in picking us for the job.

  1. Customer Satisfaction : Our handymen, customer support team and management team are all trained in Best Customer Practices to ensure your total satisfaction.
  2. Employee Satisfaction : We treat our employees as well as our customers because only happy employees deliver exceptional service.
  3. Innovation and Value : We are not satisfied unless the quality of our services exceeds that of our competitors, so we are always looking for ways to improve the service experience and the cost of every service we offer.
  4. Conscience and Initiative : We take pride in everything we do, thus, we treat every project, job or home as if it were our own.


At Hello Handyman, We Want You Back!

We, at Hello Handyman want to do everything we can to make every customer
- a client for life. These are our commitments to you.

  • No communication barrier as our supervisors are multi-lingual so they can understand your needs better
  • All our handymen have gone through background checks and screening before employment so they are safe to be let into your home
  • All our handymen are uniformed and have good personal hygiene
  • Our handymen will never smoke in your home
  • Our handymen will never use foul language
  • Our handymen will never leave your bathroom or house dirty
  • Our handymen will never improperly park their vehicles in your neighborhood
  • You won't have to wait-you will always receive notification if our handymen are running late
  • All our handymen are insured to safeguard our customers against injury claims arising from site mishaps
  • Quality service and expertise to get the job done right
  • Same level of job dedication and punctuality for any follow-up services if necessary
  • Professional and courteous staff
  • Quality workmanship and materials
  • Clean and safe job site
  • An exceptional client experience every time
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